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Real Antiques Required

100% Auction Estimates Paid TODAY !

Sussex Auctioneers offer a first rate service for those for whom time is precious..

You simply hand over your antiques and they will do the rest for you .. The Buyer Pays £1000 and you gratefully receive £550 ????…. Wait a moment is it fare that nearly 50% of what is paid is confiscated ? Well the clever part of this arrangement is to charge both buyer and seller.. What is the alternative ?? Dealers will pay 100% of auctioneers estimates for most antiques in most cases .. At Antiques and Militaria we buy directly from you and pay 100% auctioneers estimates for all required goods .. If you have an original Rembrant oil painting then selling at auction is a good way of knowing you are getting the “Market price” .If you have fine Antiques and period collectors items why not obtain valuations then run them down to us at Antiques And Militaria ? Our interests are wide with tens of thousands of visitors passing out window annually ..

When faced with the daunting task of selling Family treasures or a cherished collection one obvious choice is to contact a local auctioneer . You should be warned that you will only receive 50% of what the buyer pays at auction. Perhaps a better option is to allow us to research the items you propose selling ? By establishing what prices have been achieved for similar items in the past we equal or better recorded prices without your being robbed in unnecessary charges . Here is a great example of what you can expect from us . 100% of the recorded value rather than the 50% Auctioneers provide .. What is in it for us ? That is easy we are high street retailers and museum suppliers . We have an appetite for fresh goods to be supplied to our growing number of History buyers. Call Today on +447860747027 Or Email davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com


ARUNDEL MILITARIA MUSEUM BUYERS Welcome to Antiques And Militaria.


We occupy a large store and connected warehouse in the High Street of The Sussex Castle town of Arundel.


Militaria museum buyers Such as

“The combined services museum”



“The National Army Museum Education Department” 


Are among many educational facilities which have made direct purchases from us and continue to do so.


Our own showrooms  have been likened to a museum by many of the thousands of visitors who enjoy our store from all around the World.


Visitors have the opportunity of seeing and in many cases handling historic “Militaria”.

                  SUPPLIERS TO WAR MUSEUMS

A museum will inspire those of all ages and stimulate their interest in history.

        log book

Frankly much militaria is best housed in a museum environment .

Militaria Auctioneers

Typically Nazi items stored at home might not meet with the sympathy or approval of  visitors .

specialists in militaria

If displayed in a balanced historic, educational setting such as our store

Axis and Allied artefacts do not offend, or shock as they are expected to be seen in a “Militaria” store . 

prices of deactivated guns

Battle Souvenirs  

So before you bequest Family Items to a public museum let Gemandaggerbuyers.com provide you with an interesting option . Militaria is highly valued .


We will provide you with the correct researched market value

for your heirlooms.

If it is your wish that they go on public display them look no further.

banned from ebay

We will agree to exhibit items and only sell to ethical academic institutions and collectors. 


Arundel Based dealers Antiques and Militaria

Visitors to Arundel in West Sussex will enjoy the delightful historic town famed for it’s Castle and restaurants.

Bravery in The Feild

We are Arundel Based dealers who specialise in WW1 and WW2 British and foreign Medals, Decorations and Militaria. We are stockists of items broadly associated with military History motor racing and the golden era of Travel .

We carry an extensive selection of general militaria from both Great Britain and around the world.Bucking the trend for exclusively internet trading  “Antiques & Miltaria” occupies the prime location in the centre of Arundel high street BN18-9AB .

 Is “Antiques & Militaria”just  a museum ? . No it is militaria themed concept store supplying  everything from genuine deactivated machine guns to aviation inspired furniture . For those wishing purely to browse David Mattey will provide information on exhibits which unusually are all for sale.

There is no better place to discuss the disposal of anything from family medals to complete militaria collections. Once again David Mattey is there to share his insight into selling at a better price without the costly involvement of middle men.

Buyers such as interior designers,militaria collectors, war medal and military medal specialists can register their requirements and anticipate notification when suitable products become available.

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