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Traditional Store Based dealers in Militaria had all but disappeared.

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The simple facts are that the web is a less expensive place to start and to run a business.

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For those tasked with disposing of militaria Antiques & Militaria offer a traditional personal service.

Arundel Militaria

  By charging far higher prices for militaria backed by research from our museum store we are able to offer more than web alone based traders.

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A “fast buck “is the bottom line for both auctioneers and militaria dealers, we are not exactly an exception .

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We do however have to maintain and ever evolving display one which continues to draw visitors.

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              Frequently we pay retail prices for genuine items of militaria. Why?? Because our sales are from display cabinets. Replica aeronautical, Decorative travel themed items.

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The museum themed store invests in  ww2 paraphernalia ,medals, weapons etc .as part of a long term strategy.. The genuine exhibits bind together the replaceable reproduction stock ..

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When you call us you will not be speaking to a computer of be forced to listen to Pan pipe music whilst an operator becomes free.

Our speciality is the purchase and disposal of collections. Antiques & Militaria Arundel