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Welcome to Antiques & Militaria . For those wishing to obtain a professional service, you can be assured of the following.

A Pair Of Gilt Metal Mounted Vases

David Mattey has been the trusted local antiques dealer for thirty years .

AMY M In her gallery
Amy Mattey David’s wife directs the modern paintings side of the business

From his High street store in Arundel David has developed a loyal customer base .David’s online presence is formidable with Eighteen functioning websites.

A Primative painting of a cow

By contacting Antiques and Militaria with any enquiry you will receive courteous informed advice . Our offers /valuations are given free of charge .

An oil painting of birds in a classical landscape

In situations where a number of opinions are required David will always do his best to provide the winning offer . David has worked as the regional buyer for a firm of bond street jewellery buyers such experience insures sellers of a fast accurate service .. David’s knowledge of Militaria is backed up by thousands of waiting customers . Payment is provided in advance by bank transfer or cash when required .

A portrait of a girl American folk art
A Rolex Prince Wrist Watch
Sussex Clock Dealers
We Are Interested In Buying And Selling Clocks From £1500 Upwards
American folk art primitive oil painting

Our interests include Jewellery ,Militaria ,Furniture , Paintings , Coins ,medals and fine art .

Oriental painting and vase U.K. Buyers
Groups of medals with the caption "Sell your collection ".

To make contact with David Mattey please call today on 01903884602 ..


When faced with the daunting task of selling Family treasures or a cherished collection one obvious choice is to contact a local auctioneer . You should be warned that you will only receive 50% of what the buyer pays at auction. Perhaps a better option is to allow us to research the items you propose selling ? By establishing what prices have been achieved for similar items in the past we equal or better recorded prices without your being robbed in unnecessary charges . Here is a great example of what you can expect from us . 100% of the recorded value rather than the 50% Auctioneers provide .. What is in it for us ? That is easy we are high street retailers and museum suppliers . We have an appetite for fresh goods to be supplied to our growing number of History buyers. Call Today on +447860747027 Or Email