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As collectors reach a certain time in their lives the question of disposing of their treasures must be considered . Leaving the task of obtaining the correct prices to relatives, or the potentially disastrous lottery of selling at auction are to common options. Those who painstakingly put collections together will be aware of the subtleties of each item . To obtain a collection’s full potential it is probably better for the collector to engage in a little market research and then set about pricing what they have. Marketing it while they are in good health will ensure that all that can be done has been done ..

Antiques and Militaria is the name of our High Street store David Mattey owner of this website has made his career in Antiques over a 40 Year period . David has eighteen active internet websites covering various areas from Oil Paintings to Clocks ,Jewellery and Militaria . David invites you to make contact and formulate the best strategy for marketing your treasured possessions . Telephone +441903-884602 today and learn more about commission free selling at 100% recorded prices .

When faced with the daunting task of selling Family treasures, or a cherished collection, one obvious choice is to contact a local auctioneer .

You should be warned that after intrusting your heirlooms to most auctioneers you will only receive 50% of what the buyer pays at the auction.

Perhaps a better option is to allow us to research the items you propose selling ?

By establishing what prices have been achieved for similar items in the past we equal or better recorded prices without your being robbed in unnecessary charges .

Here is a great example of what you can expect from us . 100% of the recorded value rather than the 50% Auctioneers provide ..

What is in it for us ?

That is easy, we are high street retailers and museum suppliers .

We have an appetite for acquiring fresh goods to be supplied to our growing number of investors and collectors.

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