Arundel Based dealers Antiques and Militaria

Visitors to Arundel in West Sussex will enjoy the delightful historic town famed for it’s Castle and restaurants.

Bravery in The Feild

We are Arundel Based dealers who specialise in WW1 and WW2 British and foreign Medals, Decorations and Militaria. We are stockists of items broadly associated with military History motor racing and the golden era of Travel .

We carry an extensive selection of general militaria from both Great Britain and around the world.Bucking the trend for exclusively internet trading  “Antiques & Miltaria” occupies the prime location in the centre of Arundel high street BN18-9AB .

 Is “Antiques & Militaria”just  a museum ? . No it is militaria themed concept store supplying  everything from genuine deactivated machine guns to aviation inspired furniture . For those wishing purely to browse David Mattey will provide information on exhibits which unusually are all for sale.

There is no better place to discuss the disposal of anything from family medals to complete militaria collections. Once again David Mattey is there to share his insight into selling at a better price without the costly involvement of middle men.

Buyers such as interior designers,militaria collectors, war medal and military medal specialists can register their requirements and anticipate notification when suitable products become available.

 Arundel in West Sussex,  internet trading  “Antiques & Miltaria” occupies the prime location in the centre of Arundel high street BN18-9AB , museum , militaria themed, deactivated machine guns,  aviation inspired furniture,  David Mattey , family medals , complete militaria collections, better price ,middle men, interior designers,militaria collectors, war medal , military medal specialist,


Trends in Antiques Prices .

Oil painting on canvas, Putti with a Garland of Flowers, by Antonio Zucchi, RA (Venice 1726 ? Rome 1796), 1770s. One of a set of six circular overdoor paintings by Antonio Zucchi depicting allegories of leisure.

Predicting trends in markets is not so easy as it once was . In areas such as Watercolour paintings and the English antique writing bureau, the market has all but collapsed in recent years ..Conversely Chinese ceramics continue to destroy auctioneers pre sale estimates ..

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