Why You Should Never send antique Jewellery off to auction!

A tray  full of various items of gold and stone set jewellery.

Antique Jewellery Buyers Arundel


David Mattey is  a highly experienced buyer of Nineteenth century jewellery ,silver and watches .

The Prime Position Of David’s High Street Shop Attracts Thousands Of Wealthy Buyers From Around The World. The Recent “Goodwood Revival” Encouraged Noted Buyers From Around The World To Include Multi Millionaires.

Why Sell To A Middleman (Auctioneers) Sell Directly To The Store In The Centre  Of Arundel High Street..  Selling to a jewellers ? Be warned Jewels will simply pay you the “Break value” of your jewellery .. That equates to the scrap metal price of less with little consideration for the gem tones .. Never sell jewellery at auction . Why ? Auctioneers take around 50% of an items value by the questionable practise of charging both the buyer and seller a commission. With much of the jewellery at auction selling to the trade and a 50% slice of the pie going to the auctioneers you are better selling directly to  professionals.

When We Buy Antique Jewellery ,Sellers Will Be Pleased To Know That They Will Achieve Up To 50% More Than They Would Achieve At Auction.

Why? Well That Is Easy. Auctioneers Charge The Buyer 25% “Buyers Premium”On Top Of The Hammer Price ..Yes I Know It Sounds Hard To Believe But It Is Entirely True .




Customers Are Cleverly Duped Into Believing That Auctions Are Fare And Democratic Institutions. Today It Is Far Better To Conduct A Little Homework Before Selling Directly To Dedicated Professionals … Those In A Prime Position To Sell To End Users Rather Than To Middlemen ..Next Time You Visit Arundel Why Not Call In A Speak  Directly to Me David Mattey About Gold Diamond, Sovereigns,Half Sovereigns, Rings, Bangles, Jewellery ,Watches, Emeralds,

Topaz,Garnets ,Ruby,Wrist Watches ,Pocket Watches,15 ct ,9ct, 18ct  Or Call Now on 01903-884602 .

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